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ABC’s New Drama Series “BARONS” Cast Include Asian Australians

So if you watched ABC’s new drama series “Barons” tonight, you may have noticed some Asian faces – yes! This is actually pretty awesome considering we still hardly see Asian Aussies on TV shows which are not about just being “Asian”, or really just any show in Australia.

So what is Barons about? According to ABC IVIEW:

Australia 1971, set at a time of sexual liberation and social change, a group of best friends chase their sun-soaked surfing dreams and discover that even in paradise there is rivalry, greed and ambition.

And, mow here are the Asian Aussies in the series:

JILLIAN NGUYEN who plays TRACY DWYER – she is one of the main cast members

SEBASTIAN TANG who plays PETER CHAN – appears in 6 of the 8 episodes

SUSAN YOUNG who plays WINNIE CHAN– appears in 4 of the 8 episodes

CATHERINE VAN-DAVIES who plays SHIRLEY KWONG – appears in 3 of the 8 episodes

GERWIN WIDJAJA who plays MAC’S MAN #2– appears in 1 of the 8 episodes

WARREN LEE who plays FRANK CHAN – appears in 1 of the 8 episodes

Check out Barons if you can on Sundays on ABC at 8:30pm and/or you can catch up on episodes on ABC IVIEW.

Header image via Vicki Jackson Facebook page

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