Asian Aussie “Married At First Sight” Bride Selina Gets Told Her Asian Looks Are Not Attractive By Husband

If you have watched the “Married At First Sight” recent you would have seen the racism that bride Selina faced from her husband Cody where he said he wasn’t attracted to her “nationality and look”. This came after Selina questioned his attraction to her and whether it was due to her ethnicity. This left her crying and heartbroken.

Cody defended his racism by saying he wasn’t being “racist” and that he was more used to “blonde”, “surfy” “women from Sydney’s Northern Beaches”. This all transpired after Cody ranked Selina 2nd after blonde, blue eyed Samantha in an exercise called “ruthless attraction ranking”. Selina and Cody did go on their honeymoon and Cody pretty much admitted that his “thing” couldn’t get up because he wasn’t attracted to Selina. Here is more of what Selina said (via News.com.au):

“I would like to know if it’s my nationality that turns Cody off, and is it my nationality that he doesn’t find attractive, and therefore has not shown me any affection and is struggling to,”

“Is the lack of interest, attraction and affection due to my nationality and look?,” 

This is what Cody said (via News.com.au):

“I think it did honestly play at it initially. I’m not racist by any means but it’s not something I’m familiar with. To be honest … the short answer is it probably did.”

“I am attracted to you, as long as you understand that there’s nothing that’s stopping us from progressing the relationship,”

“I’ve always sort of been open to the idea, it’s just something I’ve never normally gone for. And I don’t know what that’s from … personal preference … yeah,”

To be honest, Selina just needs to reject and divorce the asshole, don’t you agree?

Images via Marriage at First Sight ( 9 Now)

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