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“Viv’s Silly Mango” Will Premiere On ABC TV and iView

We just recently wrote about “Namaste Yoga” by Ravi Chand of Warrior Tribe Films premiering on November 20 on ABC and iView, which is part of the Kaleidoscope Project. Well here is another! “Viv’s Silly Mango” a film by creators Mary Duong and Rachel Choi is about young pre-teen Asian Australians growing up in Brisbane by refugee and migrant parents as they go through their journey of life, friendship, riot grrl music and identity.

One of the creators of the film Rae Choi shared the news of the premiere of their film on Facebook:

“It’s hard to find the words to express how it feels to finally arrive at this point after two years so I’m borrowing from the lyrics of one of our songs: “We’re here, yeah I’m saying, we’re here and we’re staying.””

“Thank you to our wonderful and dedicated cast and crew, and to all the incredibly generous individuals and organisations that supported us along the way! This film is about friendship and I feel deeply grateful to have worked with so many friends, and for the solidarity and trust we built through this wild ride together”.

Looks quite interesting!

If you can, check out “Viv’s Silly Mango” on ABC and iView on November 20.

Images via Facebook and YouTube

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