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Bina Bhattacharya’s Debut Feature “From All Sides” Stars Asian Australians

An exciting feature by Bina Bhattacharya will start production in November 2022. This is her debut feature called “From All Sides” which takes place in Campbeltown, a suburb located in South Western Sydney. The premise of the feature is ( via

The story follows a middle-aged Indian-Australian woman Anoushka (Kalmar) whose former life as a professional dancer resurfaces, catapulting each member of her multi-racial family, including her bisexual husband Pascal (Brown), into parallel journeys of cultural and sexual awakening, while unearthing a minefield of race relations, class tension, and sexuality.

The feature will star Monique Kalmar and Max Brown among other awesome Asian Australian and cultural diverse actors – a true reflection of the South Western Sydney region. Bhattacharya’s name should sound familiar as she is the writer for “Here Out West” – which has been received well and has been recognised and acknowledge as having grit, authenticity and diversity.

More to come on this feature I am sure!~

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