SBS Now Shows News Bulletins In Both Arabic And Mandarin

For those who are fluent in Arabic and Mandarin can now watch SBS News bulletins in both languages. This forms part of SBS’s plans of expanding its multilingual services – which is a great thing because Australia isn’t a country full of English speakers only – it is extremely diverse now.

The two locally-produced programs, SBS عربي News and SBS 中文 News, started to stream live on SBS On Demand from 8pm AEST, 14 February.

SBS Arabic News journalists Hadil AlSwaiedi, Nissrine Khadra and Ali Bahnasawy. Image via: SBS News

2 teams of journalists will work to produce the bulletins, providing coverage of major national and international stories, in-language, every weeknight. Here is more from SBS News on this:

SBS عربي News will be presented by journalists Nissrine Khadra, Ali Bahnasawy and Hadil AlSwaiedi. Saleh Saqqaf is the progam’s executive producer.

Journalists Jeff Kuan, Rena Li and Michelle Chen will bring news in Mandarin to audiences on SBS 中文 News under executive producer Lili Zhou.

Journalists Michelle Chen, Rena Li,and Jeff Kuan will bring news in Mandarin. Image via: SBS News

The news bulletins build on SBS’ existing services for Australia’s Arabic and Mandarin-speaking communities, including SBS Arabic24, SBS Mandarin, and digital offering SBS 中文.

Let’s hope there will be more multilingual news bulletins in other languages coming out soon.

Images via SBS News

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