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Iconic Chinatown Restaurant “Golden Century” Will Now Stay Open

If you remember – last month we wrote about the “Golden Century” saying goodbye and closing its doors for good due to financial issues. Indeed that was almost devastating news for those of us who reminisced the many late night dinners and midnight snacks at the restaurant.

Well, some good news have just been announced about this. According to Timeout – 47 creditors have voted unanimously to save “Golden Century”. The vote includes clearing the $4.5 million restaurant debt. It is also understood, that a buyer purchased Golden Century’s impressive wine collection for $1.5 million – so that has helped paying some of the debt off.

For those of us who are looking forward to life going back to normal at some point and looking forward to eating the XO pipis which the restaurant is renowned for, well, you wish will come true!

Yes! to Golden Century remaining open!

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