Asian Australian Grandfather Dies Of COVID-19 At The Liverpool Hospital Cluster

80 year old Kat Ditthavong was among 5 deaths linked to the South Western Sydney hospital cluster of COVID-19 cases. 29 patients and 4 staff have contracted COVID-19 at Liverpool Hospital and this has been traced to a nurse who worked across the entire hospital, in a number of shifts, unknowing that they were infectious.

The Ditthavong family are seeking answers and transparency over Kat’s death, and have asked for more transparency in knowing what is going on at the hospital. His son, Sitthixay Ditthavong, is devastated and told ABC News:

“A couple of days after the first news of the outbreak happened, we got a phone call saying he had tested positive,” 

“My mother was instantly gutted, she already feared the worst. She knew that he was a vulnerable person and already very fragile.”

“We’re incredibly frustrated. I think that when anyone takes their loved ones to hospital, they’re expecting the best of care. They never expect not to see their loves ones again,”

“The government has been opaque about the details. They told us that there were about 10 cases; all of a sudden we know there are 29 cases, and I think we have a real problem here,”

“This large cluster would be a major news story any day of the week … I think we have a right to know what’s happening at Liverpool Hospital.”

Sitthixay Ditthavong, said he and his family have received very few updates, and before his father was admitted to hospital he did all the right things to protect himself from the virus. Let’s hope the family gets some answers.

Image via ABC News

To read the original article, please click on: Grieving family of man who died after getting COVID-19 at Liverpool Hospital want more transparency

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