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UPDATE On More Information On The Racist Attack On 3 Asian International Students

If you remember, last week we reported on the brutal and racist attack on 3 Asian international students which was filmed by one of the group’s attackers. From the video, you can see the 3 Asian students ( 2 females and 1 male) walk out from a train station and then you see them get physically attacked by a group of teens. The attack was unprovoked and it has been noted on social media that the students also got robbed. Later, one of the attackers made a video of herself, proud of doing what she did and said she would attack another “Chinese C*nt” if she saw one.

Well since we published the initial article, we have received a lot of tips and information on the attack:

  • The 3 Asian international students are of Vietnamese background;
  • The incident happened at Inala in Brisbane, Queensland;
  • It happened on June 27 of this year;
  • Queensland police have said in a statement that “investigations are ongoing”. This is what they said in a statement:

“We have obtained the vision and are making follow-up inquiries”

  • A petition has been set up by Jenny Nguyen who said a witness came forward and claimed that the group has been “looking for trouble” prior to the incident and that they were looking for “Asian people” to attack.

We will be following this case closely to ensure the 3 Vietnamese international students get some sort of justice and can slowly recover from their trauma.

Please sign the petition if you haven’t done so.


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