Racist Attack And Robbery On 3 Asian International Students Caught On Video

A racist attack against 3 Asian international students in Australia was posted online by one of the group’s perpetrators, and it shows a group of young teens deliberately provoking, punching and kicking the 3 students as they walked out of a train station. From posts, it appears that one of the Asian students may have looked at one of the teens the wrong way or just looked into their general direction. The attack was very brutal and you can see the Asian students being pushed to the ground and kicked. It is also believed that they were robbed.

The group of racist teens were so proud of themselves that they posted a video on their Instagram using her handle @zyishawells proclaiming how proud she was in attacking the “Chinese cunts”, and said she will do it again. Her Instagram handle has been suspended since. Comments under the video of the attack state that the incident has been reported to the police and the police have apparently not made much progress.

If you have more information on the investigation and where in Australia this happened, please let us know so we can contact the authorities. The racism issue is getting worse all over West, and in Australia it continues to get worse.

Video credits – Asians with Attitudes


  1. Where did this racist attack occur so we can be made aware of the location to be safe for our fellow brothers and sisters?

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