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Indian Family May Be Deported From Australia Due To Son Having Cerebral Paulsy

Reading a number of articles which have reported on this, it is disappointing to see the Australian Government doing nothing to resolve this situation. Australian-born Kayaan Katyal, and his parents, Varun and Priyanka got their permanent residency application rejected all because the Australian Government is not willing to foot the bill for the care needed for Kayaan who has cerebral palsy.

The ABC revealed that the Katyal family received a rejection letter from that Kayaan would cost taxpayers $1.23m over 10 years, which “would be likely to result in a significant, undue cost to the Australian community in the areas of health care and/or community services”. The Katyal family have been in Australia for a decade with Kayaan being an Aussie born, so this is very insensitive and pathetic from the immigration department to reject the permanent residency. $1.23 million over 10 years is not a lot of money for the Government, so why are they using this as an excuse to reject the permanent residency?

Australia’s Disability Commissioner Dr. Ben Gauntlett is urging Alex Hawke who has the immigration portfolio to intervene on this case. Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John questioned the commissioner during Senate Estimates about this case and Gauntlett replied that where he is unable to intervene he can advocate on the family’s behalf.

The Australian Migration Act pretty much says that permanent resident applicants must meet some health benchmark and pretty much not be a “burden” to the Australian health system. Here is what it says exactly (via Guardian Australia):

Under a controversial section of Australia’s Migration Act, permanent visa applicants must meet a health requirement by demonstrating they are “free from any disease or condition” that would be a “significant healthcare and community service cost to the Australian community”.

The Department of Home Affairs are doubling down as usual and saying that there is no racial bias in this piece of legislation, but to be honest, we know there is and it is a total disappointment to see that this is happening. The Katyal family deserve to get their permanent residency status and this is just a reason for the department to reject applications. The Minister really needs to intervene.

To read the original article, please click on: Immigration minister urged to help family facing deportation because son has cerebral palsy

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