Here Are The Raving Reviews For Korean American Film “MINARI”

It should go unsaid that Lee Isaac Chung’s Korean American film Minari is just absolutely amazing! The story is well told and the entire film is fluid and flows well. It basically ticks every box on emotional scale and it is relatable to almost everyone, particularly the Asian diaspora who have at one point experienced some of the themes portrayed in the film.

Before I get into some of the raving reviews, it needs to be said that despite the controversy over its Golden Globe nomination in the “foreign language” category, it has won that award and is now the “Best foreign language film”. In his acceptance speech Chung made an important point about how the film goes deeper than just language (via EW):

“Minari is about a family. It’s a family trying to learn how to speak a language of its own,”

“It goes deeper than any American language and any foreign language. It’s a language of the heart, and I’m trying to learn it myself and to pass it on. I hope we all learn how to speak this language of love to each other, especially this year.”

In addition, its youngest actor Alan Kim who plays “David Yi” (son of Steven Yeun’s character “Jacob Yi”) won the Critics Choice Award for “Best young actor/actress” and provided the cutest acceptance speech upon receiving the award.

And, when the Oscars happen, Minari has been nominated in a number of categories, including “Best Picture” and Steven Yeun has been nominated for the “Lead actor category” and makes history for being the first Asian American performer to be nominated in that category.

Awesome huh? I would say so! Remember even if its an “Asian American” story, the themes describe most if not all of the Asian diaspora children of migrants story, so the relevancy for us Asian Australians is there! To add on to all this, some of our Minari double pass giveaway winners have gone out and checked out the film, and yes, they all loved it. Here are some of their reviews:

Minari – Elegance and Culture

Following the footsteps of Parasite, it has high hopes and does not disappoint. From the start, the film is very pastel and very well shot. The arthouse way the scenes are shot combined with the musical talents of Emile Mosseri tantalise you from the start. This movie takes you by the hand and puts you straight into the heart of Arkansas, searching for the American dream of owning a large piece of land. This is a story of broken promises, hope and familiar Asian centric unfamiliarities. Minari follows a Korean-American family on their move from Los Angeles to the fields of American country in the search of a better life, a new start and a promising future for their children and marriage. It is so refreshing to see the introduction of a grandmother who’s foul sayings and non-traditional ways pave the way for a very funny interaction with both children who don’t consider her to be a ‘real grandmother’.

This movie is authentically funny with laugh out loud moments. It makes no apologies for the Korean culture, the human behaviour, racial indifference, and religious indifference. Focusing on the relationships between the family unit, the kids and the grandmother as well as the difficulties of working a farm, it does tie them all in particularly well at the end when the only crop which seems to survive is the Minari. A really enjoyable, beautiful film produced by Brad Pitt and Steven Yeun.

Film review by Lizan Yee (progression7.com)

Finally got around to checking out Minari

Although the story is based on a Korean immigrant family finding their place in America. I couldn’t help but feel how relatable it is to other immigrants trying to find their feet when they came here to Australia.

A touching film which pays homage and gives an insight into the hard working generation of the immigrants who sacrifice a great deal for a chance of making a better life for their family and children. If you’re after a touching film with some drama and elements of comedy. Do go check out Minari.

David Lam

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do, and use this as an opportunity to go out to the cinemas to check and support this amazing film!

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