“Minari” Double Pass Giveaway Winners

Our “Minari” double pass giveaway has ended and we will reveal our 5 winners who talked about “what being Asian Australian means to you”.

Here they are ( in no particular order)

  • Christine Lam

“Being Asian Australian is navigating a landscape of stereotype. Through this, we become agents of change to educate others about our diversity and then perpetuating this via our children.”

  • Lizan Yee

“It is being a part of a diverse culture and fusing it with my surroundings to make it comfortable and safe for people to be themselves.”

  • David Lam

“The challenging task of assimilating to Australian culture, values and beliefs without losing your own cultural heritage values and beliefs.”

  • Vibol Hy

“Being Asian means being connected to a community and culture that has survived thousands of years.”

  • Ben Ng

“It means you’ve escaped communism, but are still constantly obligated to prove you’re not a spy.”

Congratulations to our winners of these double passes! “Minari” is now in Australian cinemas, so catch it if you can!

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