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Que Minh Luu Will Be Heading Netflix Australia’s Originals

It is refreshing when fellow Asian Australians are succeeding in different industries in Oz, and Que Minh Luu is one of those. We have been following the career of Luu since she was producing ABC’s “The Heights” and now it is great news to see that Netflix has hired her to lead its “Originals” in Australia. To add to her extensive repertoire, Luu is also on Screen Australia’s “Gender Matters” task-force, so it is evident that she is a name which will be up there with the champions of diversity.

Based in Sydney, Luu will be taking up this position from mid-July. Her position also signifies the commitment of Netflix to commission and showcase more local content from Australia. This in my opinion is an awesome opportunity for more Asian Australian directors and filmmakers to showcase their content, and with Luu driving this, I am sure this will happen.

If you want to see what else Luu has done prior to taking up this position, here is some of her CV (via Variety):

“While at the ABC, during a three and a half year stint, she was involved in genre bending shows including Content, Diary of an Uber Driver, Retrograde, and The Heights. Prior to that she was a freelance editor, and then in the script department at Matchbox Pictures.”

“She is a member of several boards, including the SPA Screen Forever Advisory board, Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Task Force, and the Jesse Cox Audio Fellowship board, which she helped create in honour of her late partner, Jesse Cox, a Walkley Award winning radio producer.”

Where COVID-19 has greatly impacted on the arts and entertainment industry in Australia, to see someone like Luu take the reins and head Netflix Originals in Australia is definitely a major step in the right direction.

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