Newly Released Spider-Man Film “Far From Home” Features Asian Australian REMY HII In A Supporting Role

If y’all have been to the cinemas like myself to check out the new “SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME” film you would have noticed one of our own plays a supporting role. Yes, Asian Australian actor REMY HII was cast in this blockbuster film and this is definitely something we should celebrate!

So who does Hii play in this new film, well his character is named “Brad Davis” who is “Peter Parker’s” love rival for MJ, with the film being shot in locations around Europe. What is awesome about this is that Hii literally sent in his audition tape and just days after was offered the role.

This is what Hii told IF:

“There was a lot of improvisation as Tom’s character and mine constantly try to get one up on each other. Tom is on the precipice of being a superstar but he was so dedicated and into his work.

“Brad is on the basketball team, is very popular with the girls and gets to go on the trip to Europe.”

Hii spent 5 months on set with the production of this film. It is obvious that his name is getting out there and there is no doubt his work from Australia all the way to the US is a testament of the hard work he has put in. In addition, being cast in CRAZY RICH ASIANS, has definitely opened more opportunities for him and many other Asian/Asian Australian actors to take on the global film and TV market.

What’s next for Hii? Well I am sure there are awesome projects down the pipe for him and we will definitely interview him soon to highlight his career as an Asian Australian to watch out for!

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  1. What??! He’s Australian???? That’s hella cool!!! I thought he was so hot on the big screen hahaha, never would have thought a relatively unknown Australian Asian would be cast by a MASSIVE studio such as Marvel!!

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