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Australian Disney + Original Series “Last Days Of The Space Age” Includes A Few Asian In Its Cast + Crew

It is great to see more opportunities available in Australia for those working in the areas of film, TV and media. With the emergence of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + etc, it has broadened the industry so much more and because these are international companies, there is more understanding on the importance of representation and visibility – though they don’t always get this right.

In any case, it is interesting to see more of these come to Australia. Disney + Australia is currently filming an original series called Last Days of the Space Age, which according to its site is about:

“Is an eight-part dramedy series set in 1979 Western Australia, when Perth was at the centre of the world’s headlines. A power strike threatens to plunge the region into darkness, while the city hosts the iconic Miss Universe pageant and the US space station, Skylab, crashes just beyond the city’s suburbs. Against this backdrop of international cultural and political shifts, three families in a tight-knit coastal community find their marriages, friendships and futures put to the test.

There is a star studded cast, but let’s see who the Asians and Asian Aussies involved in the project are:

Linh-Dan Pham  (Main role)

Vietnamese born French Actress

Image via Wikipedia

Vico Thai (Supporting role)


Image via IMDB

Aiden Chiem (Supporting role)


Image via Marquee Management

Jeremy Nguyễn (Screenwriter)


Image via SBS

Alan Nguyễn (Screenwriter)


Image via Alan Nguyen website

Christine Pham (Series Producer)

Asian American Producer

Image via LinkedIn

Bharat Naulluri ( Set-up director and producer)

British Indian Director and Producer

Image via IMDB

Looking forward to this, we will provide updates as they come!

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