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“Married At First Sight’s” Selina Chhaur Talks About The Yellow Fever She Has Experienced In Dating  

We recently wrote about “Married At First Sight’s” (MAFS) Selina Chhaur who was told by the husband she was matched up with and married Cody that he was not attracted to her being Asian and during their honeymoon night when they were about to get intimate he could not get his thingy up. This broke Chhaur’s heart and it shows the racism that is out there against Asian women and more broadly women of colour. Most of the time its non Asian men reducing Asian women to a stereotype and imposing their sexual racism onto Asian women, so Cody’s racism is the other way and both types of sexual racism are terrible.

In a recent interview with Refinery 29 Australia, Chhaur talks about yellow fever ( the objectification of Asian men and women based on negative sexual stereotypes) she has experienced in his life in dating, meeting men etc (via Refinery 29 Australia):

“I think there’s this thing of Asian women being submissive and really subdued and not really having much of an opinion. I know guys who go for Asian women because they think they’re like that. But then they bump into someone like me and they’re like, ‘Holy shit!’ [Because] I’ve got opinions.”

“It’s so cringe. Yellow fever should not be a thing,”

“Sadly, it is a thing and a lot of my ex-partners [who were European or Caucasian], even though they wouldn’t use that term, if you look at their past record of their exes, they were all Asian.”

Well let’s hope she will find happiness in her next relationship, because it will be toxic with that Cody dude, don’t you agree?

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