Perth Burger Joint Has A Menu Item Called “The Ching Chong”

To be honest, anytime the term “Ching Chong” is used, it is offensive. The majority of cases that this term is used its in a racist setting and its traumatic for those of us who have experienced racism using this term. So, please forgive me, when I say I don’t believe in “reclaiming” or using this term to name a menu item or using it for fun etc. It is offensive and racist when non-Asians use this term for shits and gigs or for naming an item, and it is offensive, racist and embarrassing when fellow Asians use this term to name a menu item – and that is the moral of this particular story…

Perth burger joint “Johnny’s Burgers” has named one of its burger menu items “The Ching Chong” burger. FYI – this burger and the name have existed for a few years, but more recently it has raised some fresh debate. The joint is owned by Johnny Wong who is of Malaysian Chinese background. The byline for “The Ching Chong” is:

“Asian burger with a bite”…

And to buy this racist named burger will set you back $14.90…

What is disappointing is that it is someone of Asian background who is using racism and traumatic experiences for many as a profit gathering exercise, without any care or awareness of the racial backlash this type of term causes. “Ching Chong” is a racist way for non-Asians to mock and use against Asians, mocking the way our Chinese languages sound to them.

‘The Ching Chong’ burger at Johnny’s Burgers has ignited debate. ‘Image via The West Australian. Image credit: Briana Fiore

According to The West Australian who covered this story, the Owner Johnny Wong refused to comment on whether he thought the term is racist and offensive.

Western Australia politician Pierre Yang MLC said:

“It seems that in this instance, someone is trying to employ some light-hearted Aussie humour by using the phrase in their menu,” – I tend to disagree with this, as its not “light hearted” humour but pure casual racism..

Let us know what you all think?

Image via The West Australian

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