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Diverse Creatives Campaigns Against Princess Pictures For Its Record Of Racially Harmful Works

UPDATE: Cinespace has listened and have pulled out of the Princess Pictures “Migrant stories anthology series” project.

Please click here to view their full statement

This is definitely a petition to support. Time and time again, Australian media who are “white- centred” always feel its okay to tell stories which are not theirs or create works, shows and series that are racist and culturally harmful. This seems to be the track record of Princess Pictures who have created works such as Chris Lilley’s shows to John Safran’s Race Relations. Just as a refresher, here is a video pointing out why Chris Lilley’s shows are problematic – yes : Blackface, Brownface and Yellowface….and John Safran’s Race Relations show a few years ago, where he went Blackface and proclaimed “I, John Safran am a proud Black man”….

So now you should get why there is a petition against Princess Pictures. According to a petition by the group “Diverse Creatives”, Princess Pictures “have teamed with SBS and Cinespace to announce a migrant stories anthology series. ” Why are Australian diverse creatives not able to tell their own migrant/life stories? Why is it up to the white-centred institution?

Seriously, SBS and Cinespace, you should know better. Here is a blurb from the petition and what it is calling for:

We call on Princess Pictures to graciously step away from this project. We urge SBS to stop funding this culturally ignorant company and giving them ownership of multicultural stories. 

There are many culturally competent and experienced First Nations and People of Colour owned production companies who are working hard with little support, to create career development pathways and screen credits for underrepresented writers, directors and producers. Trust them. Fund them. 

Behind the scenes pressure has resulted in Princess Pictures offering an apology for their silence on the suffering they have caused for so long. Words are not enough, meaningful actions must follow. 

We ask Princess Pictures, SBS and Cinespace to step away from the migrant stories anthology project.

Diverse Creatives is a group of First Nations, People of Colour, People with Disability, LGBTQIA+ and allies, who all work/contribute to the screen/entertainment industry.

Ana Tiwary – creator, producer and the founder of social media group “Diversity in Australia Media” stated that she supports the petition strongly because:

To me it is a no brainer: Our multicultural broadcaster, funded by multicultural tax-payers with a remit to make multicultural programs for multicultural communities should not be funding a company that has a long history of using extractive processes to make culturally harmful content (including repeated use of Blackface and Brownface).

Film director Katrina Irawati Graham, also put her weight behind this petition:

We are strong, resilient, and talented. We have fought for justice in this industry not just on our abilities and stories, but also on our courage to keep resisting systemic injustices that are rife in the Australian screen industry. White supremacy and capitalism gaslights us by telling us we are operating on an equal playing field. That this is a meritocracy.

That white created and led structures are the road to our freedom. This system rules by dividing us over money and power. But our true power is ourselves. We deserve to tell our stories. Own our stories. Benefit from our stories. True equality will enrich ALL of us. Please sign this petition and share widely.

So far, the petition has gathered over 1,600 signatures and the number keeps growing! Please click here to access the petition and sign it yourself and share it with your networks!~

Let’s have our voices heard!

Images via YouTube and Diverse Creatives Petition

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