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Comedian Dilruk Jayasinha Wins An Immunity Pin On “Celebrity MasterChef”

Here is another piece on this season of “Celebrity MasterChef”. Yesterday we posted about singer Dami Im and her experience cooking Korean food, and now here is the other Asian Australian in the series – comedian Dilruk Jayasinha.

Off the bat in the first episode, Jayasinha won the immunity pin cooking up a storm with a beef rendang, coconut rice and chili sambal dish. Both he and Im’s dishes were in the top 4, but he just edged it out and won.

Judge Melissa Leong who is of Singaporean heritage praised Jayasinha’s Rendang and said (via Daily Mail):

‘This was so delicious. I couldn’t fault it.”

‘You have that beautiful sort of floral lemongrass, the galangal, the heat from that. The chilli, the garlic, it’s all there in beautiful quantities and ratios. The meat is absolutely meltingly tender.’ 

With that, he scored the first immunity pin of this series! Congrats! We will definitely be following both his and Im’s journey on “Celebrity MasterChef”.

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