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Perth’s “Charlie’s BBQ” Apologise For Naming Its October Burger “The Meow Meow Kung Pao”

Here is another example of casual racism and pure ignorance at its finest! A reader of “Being Asian Australian” – recently sent us this image of “Charlie’s BBQ” naming its October burger … wait for it…


Seriously who would think this is acceptable and okay, especially in this day and age when anti-Asian racism has made world headlines. Alas, we still have ignorant Aussies, doing stuff like this, thinking its a funny joke and not realising the racial ramifications.

So who is and where is Charlie’s BBQ? Well, a quick Google search shows it is in Currambine, which is a suburb of Perth, and its Facebook page byline is:

Burger and American BBQ Takeaway in Currambime ~ Small Fmily business ~Chef Owner. Serving Up Fresh & Delicious American style food!

From going through the takeaway’s Facebook page, it looks like awesome netizens have called out the ignorant racism, because earlier this month, they have addressed the issue and have removed this name for the burger of the month.

“We at Charlie’s would like to address the recent situation regarding the October Burger of the Month. Firstly we sincerely apologise for any hurt pain or anguish that we have caused.”

“As the business owners we do not wish to pass the buck or give any less of an apology than this deserves. We will however learn, grow & strive to do better and make the necessary changes.”

A poor decision was made and there is no excuse for that, we as the owners take full responsibility as it is our job to make sure this type of thing does not happen and will not happen again. From the bottom of our hearts we again apologise to anyone affected by this.”

If you read some of the comments under the Facebook post above, where there is an Asian Australian or someone who understands racism pointing this out, there is 10 more replies which shows the shitty racism in Australia…

Let’s hope they learn from this…

Images via Facebook

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