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Asian Australians Featured On SBS Australia’s “Celebrity Letters And Numbers”

On Australian TV it is usually SBS and sometimes ABC which shows some semblance of Asian representation and diversity. And it is a show on SBS which we are talking about today. On a recent episode of “Celebrity Letters and Numbers” featured a number of Asian Australians, and how refreshing is it to see this.

On 5 July 2021, SBS announced that Letters and Numbers would be revived in a new series hosted by comedian, journalist and actor Michael Hing.

The purpose of the game is 2 contestants compete against each other in a series of 9 rounds, split into 3 sections. The first 2 sections consist of 2 letters rounds followed by a numbers round; the third section consists of a letters round, a numbers round, and the conundrum round.

So, which Asian Australians were on the most recent episode? Asides from Michael Hing being the host – comedian Suren Jayemanne and writer/comedian Jennifer Wong ( who recently hosted a series called “Chopsticks or Fork” on ABC).

If you missed this episode, you can check it out on SBS On Demand.

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