2GB Rugby Radio Show Host Sues For Defamation After It Was Exposed She Made Racist Asian And Polynesian Accents

This is a case where a casual racist sues for defamation because she got caught for being a racist. It is no surprise that this comes from Australia and it comes from 2GB (which always had a racist reputation as a talk back radio station) and from a white and blonde Australian woman… “rolls eyes”.

Erin Molan ( who is a Nine Network broadcaster) claimed in court where she is suing the Daily Mail for defamation that she was not being a casual racist when she laughed and poked fun at Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian and Indian accents. Here are some examples of the racism she and her colleagues engaged in:

“Wuv you long time very handsome man” – mocking the Chinese accent

“hooka looka mooka hooka fooka” – mocking the Polynesian accent and words

“You like raw feesh?”  – mocking the Japanese accent on a topic about Japanese women giving birth and having sex…

Then laughing at recordings of Indian and Balinese accents…

Her response to all this was that it was an “inside joke” and that she was not engaging in casual racism. Here is what she said (via The Guardian):

“I don’t accept that I was engaging in casual racism. No, I was doing a Chinese accent, absolutely, that’s been part of the humour on the show for 30 years and I quoted a movie, a line from a movie, a very famous line.”

“The entire show is very good-natured,”

We laugh at ourselves and we have a laugh. No one has ever raised any issue about any element of racism or anything else that I’ve been aware of on the show over five years. We’ve had people of different races ringing in and attempt to coach us on doing different accents.”

The barrister questions her and pretty much stated that she can’t deny that she is being a racist. Anyways, Molan is suing stating that the article released by the Daily Mail has ruined her life and reputation – blah blah blah..

“I was worried that people had read the articles and the stories, and would think that I was a racist,”

“And I was worried that people might berate me in the street. I was worried that the multiple threats that I got of physical violence, including from someone who is a convicted criminal and plenty of others, that they would seek to find me and hurt me and my daughter.”

Meh – really doubling down that she is not a racist, when everything she engaged in suggests otherwise. Typical racist Karen in my opinion – what do you think?

Images via The Guardian

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