US Intel Finds That “Chinese Officials Had No Foreknowledge Of The COVID-19 Virus” Hence NOT A Biological Weapon

The theory that SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen that leads to COVID-19 has been proven by a US Intel Report to not be a biological weapon and hence disproving all the theories and accusations put out by Western Governments and the media that it is a “Wuhan lab leak”.

From day 1 when the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Wuhan, the West pretty much placed blame on China and concocted the theory that it was some “biological weapon” and “Wuhan lab leak”. Australia was one of the leading nations demanding “answers” and this type of behaviour and theories, caused racial backlashes against Asians living in the West, with physical and verbal attacks happening everywhere. These unproven theories and call outs were validated and normalised by former US President Trump who kept using the terms “China Virus”/ “Chinese Virus”/”Kung Flu” and “Wuhan Virus” every time he made a public or press statement. In September 2020, he urged the United Nations to hold China accountable for having “unleashed this plague onto the world.” .

According to a survey conducted by the Asian Australian Alliance, since the start of the pandemic at the there have been around 550 reports of COVID-19 related racism into their COVID-19 Racism Incident Report Survey. A lot of the blame can be placed with how China has been pushed towards the blame, and now it is proven not to be true.

Media outlet NextShark did a deep dive into this, and found that the US intel community which involved 18 agencies were divided on the cause of the virus. They did mention that the 2 theories that it originated from nature and/or some lab issue has some credibility but unlikely. Here is more via NextShark:

“While the community was unable to trace a true origin, they found that the virus “was not developed as a biological weapon.” They also assessed that Chinese officials “did not have foreknowledge of the virus” before the initial outbreak of COVID-19.”

The Chinese Embassy in DC has responded to the blame game and to these results. Note that the Chinese Government did cooperate with these investigations. Here is what they said (via SCMP):

“The approach that they have adopted will only disturb and destroy global efforts to trace its origins and control the pandemic, mislead the American public and prompt a new wave of discrimination and violence against Asians,” 

Even though there was cooperation by the Chinese Government, US intel stated that China : “to hinder the global investigation, resist sharing information and blame other countries, including the U.S.”

Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu  in a statement refuted this claim.

All in all, the West peddled the idea that the origins of the virus was due to some lab leak in Wuhan without any firm proof or facts. This rhetoric has caused and continues to cause racial attacks against Asians everywhere, and more specifically for us Asians in Australia. Let’s see what else comes from all this.

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