Tokyo Paralympics

Asian Aussie Para – Swimmers Win Medals And Score Spots On The Podium

If you all remember, we recently did a feature piece showcasing the Asian Aussies who are competing in the Tokyo Paralympics, and it is an awesome time to report that a few of them have scored medals and places on the podium.

Para-Swimmer Ahmed Kelly won a SILVER MEDAL for the 150m Individual Medley. This is his first Paralympic medal, so I am sure we will see more great things to come from him. He tells the Daily Telegraph about how it feels to win a medal at Tokyo:

“Third time lucky for sure. It’s been a long journey,”

“But I don’t think my story is any exception to any other Paralympic story. There are so many athletes here who have incredible stories. It’s just a dream to get here.”

Another Para-Swimmer who also won a SILVER MEDAL is Ricky Betar who was part of the mixed 4X100m freestyle relay – S14 class.

Awesome job to all the Asian Aussie swimmers!

Images via The Daily Telegraph

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