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Aussie Radio Hosts Says The West Needs To Drop Bombs On China On Air

The racial assault on China and anyone who is Asian/Chinese Australian continues to happen in the Australian media. Triple M radio host Lawrence Mooney on the morning show titled “Moonman in the Morning”, on the June 28 program said live on air that :

China has gone “unpunished” for the “virus that escaped a Chinese laboratory in December 2019” and “killed 600,000 people in the US”,

according to media outlet Tharunka. According to a Radio Today poll, it was the second most popular breakfast show in 2020, so you can imagine the huge number of listeners who have absorbed his shit, racist talk.

After he said all this live on air, listeners could hear laughter coming from Mooney, he then said “no one has dropped a weapon on the Chinese”, as punishment. Mooney’s co-hosts didn’t stop this racist discussion topic, with co-host Chris Page joining Mooney in his accusations, saying “Germany had a few cracks at going to war with the world a while ago and we sorted them out.”  

Tharunka reports that the next day, Mooney addressed all the complaints the show received for the racist anti-Chinese remarks made, and started to apologise by first saying  the West should drop a ‘nuclear’ weapon on China, and then stopped and said

“I can’t do this apology, COVID-19 has devastated the world and I’m a humanist, I don’t want Chinese blood on my hands…but we’ve got to take some form of action.”  

Throughout this conversation, Mooney’s co-hosts for the show Page and Jess Eva can be heard laughing and cracking jokes.

Image via Triple M

To date, no mainstream media outlet has reported on this racism, nor has Mooney, his co-hosts or Triple M have made any attempts to address or make an apology for the appalling and racist remarks. And unless, we as a community continue to push it will not happen. All 3 hosts are of the skin colour who has not and will never face any racism in Australia, and is pushing their racist rhetoric at the detriment of Asian/Asian Australians who are facing increasing incidents of racism as a result of the rhetoric around the pandemic.

Let’s demand an apology and retraction!

To read the original article, please click on: Australian radio host fails to apologise for advocating to drop nuclear bomb on China amidst laughter

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