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2 Asian Australians In MasterChef Australia 2021 Grand Final

We realised that this entire year, we haven’t written anything on MasterChef Australia, and now it has reached its grand final. What is awesome about this show is that every year, there are more and more awesome Asian Australian amateur cooks entering the competition. This year is no exception. For the grand final, 2 out of 3 finalists are Asian Australian – Justin Narayan and Kishwar Chowdhury. From catching up on missed episodes and watching part 1 of the grand final – it is pretty much a nail biter and the jury is still out on who the winner will be.

Who is your favourite finalist and who do you think will win MasterChef Australia 2021?

What is also awesome is that if you look at all the contestants who entered this year, out of 24 contestants, 12 have Asian backgrounds – that is 50% of all contestants this year!~~

We will definitely keep everyone posted on who the winner is!~

Images via Network 10

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