Miss Universe Australia Opens Up About Racism Against Indian Australians

UPDATE: Maria Thattil has actually placed in the Top 10 of the Miss Universe competition!

Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil has recently opened up about the disgusting racism she has received about her Indian heritage and about her height. This inspired her to change Australian perceptions on beauty standards, and obviously she has succeeded by being Miss Universe Australia. Thattil is only 5’3″ and 28 years old, and she revealed all the vitriol she has received since being selected. Here is are some racist shit she has received over social media:

 ‘I miss the days when Australia would send tall, white women to Miss Universe.’ 

“She is not Australian enough…”

Thattil is the second Miss Universe Australia of Indian origin. The first was 2019’s Miss Universe Australia Priya Serrao. Thattil, despite being the shortest entrant into the Miss Universe competition, has received racism on her race rather than on her height. Here is what she told Daily Mail about this racism:

‘We have an of opportunity to accurately represent Australia’s true identity,’ 

‘I wanted to use the title responsibly, to challenge incorrect perceptions of what an “Australian” actually looks like.’ 

‘We need to see a lot more body inclusivity, women of different shapes and sizes,’

‘Until we see that diversity visually, we have  a way to go. We need to see women who look different so that it reflects the world we live in,’ 

How awesome is it that she was placed in the top 10 of the Miss Universe competition!

Images via Daily Mail

To read the original article, please click on: Australia’s most beautiful woman Maria Thattil, 28, reveals the vile comment about her Indian heritage and 5’3” height that made her determined to prove her critics wrong

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