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Senator Mehreen Faruqi Releases New Memoir Titled “Too Migrant, Too Muslim, Too Loud”

Green Federal Senator Mehreen Faruqi is known to never shy away from any debate and issue which is rooted in human rights and social justice. She has previously served as an MLC in NSW Parliament for the Greens and for the last few years is and continues to serve as a Federal Senator for the Greens.

Faruqi is a proud Muslim and Pakistani Australian woman, and has recently announced that her upcoming memoir titled “Too Migrant, Too Muslim, Too Loud” will be launched. Here is the premise of her memoir (via Amazon Books):

“Too Migrant, Too Muslim, Too Loud is a no-holds-barred memoir and manifesto from outspoken senator, trouble¬maker and multicultural icon Mehreen Faruqi. As the first Muslim woman in any Australian parliament, Mehreen has a unique and crucial perspective on our politics and democracy. It is a tale of a political outsider fighting for her right and the rights of others like her to be let inside on their terms.”

“From her beginnings in Pakistan and remaking in Australia, Mehreen recounts her struggle to navigate two vastly different, changing worlds without losing herself. This moving and inspiring memoir shares shattering insights learned as a migrant, an engineer, an activist, a feminist and a politician.”

Keep an eye out and we will let you know when the memoir is released for purchase.

Image via Senator Mehreen Faruqi Facebook page

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