Asian Australian Rom Com “Rhapsody Of Love” Gets An Australian Wide Cinema Release

“Rhapsody of Love” is the first Asian Australian rom com by Writer/Director/Producer Joy Hopwood and Producer Ana Tiwary, will get a cinema release and makes history in being the first Asian Australian rom com to get an Australian wide cinema release at Dendy cinemas from June 24. This comes after it had its world premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival recently which became an audience favourite. How awesome is it to see a majority Asian/Asian Australian cast and see that the romantic leads are both Asian. Here is more from Film Link on the premise of the film and some observations

Rhapsody of Love is the interwoven story of three couples, who are at different stages in their lives, trying to follow their dreams, while navigating the ups and downs of romance. Besides presenting Asian characters in an authentic way, the film also touches on important themes such as anxiety and how friendship can help us get through tough times. With relatable and endearing characters, it is no surprise that the film is (jokingly) referred to as ‘Crazy Middle-Class Asians’.

Writer/director and producer Joy Hopwood recently did an interview with IF and talked about the importance of cultural diversity and representation:

“I think it’s important to have diversity because it reflects our society as it stands today, and it’s important for everyone to feel that they belong, no matter what background they come from,” 

“You don’t see very many Asian-Australians on the big screen just doing everyday things and not in a stereotypical way either.

“Everyone needs to see themselves reflected on screen.”

The film stars Kathy Luu and Damian Sato – yes the Asian Australian romantic leads!~~~

To celebrate the cinema release, a Q&A with the director and the main cast will follow a special screening at Dendy Newtown at 6.45pm on the 24th of June. 

Rhapsody of Love will be screened at Dendy Cinemas from 24th June onwards. For session times please visit: https://www.dendy.com.au/movies/rhapsody-of-love

Images via Rhapsody of Love Facebook page

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