The Daily Telegraph Publishes Offensive Cartoon Of The Hindu God “Ganesha”

The Daily Telegraph is at it again, and this time it is a cartoon which depicts Hindu God “Ganesha” being hit on the head with a hammer by a middle aged white man. The content of the article itself may not be offensive, but the cartoon definitely is. All of this comes after the controversial and racist decision by The Australian Government to impose a travel ban on India ( due to the growth in COVID 19 cases in India) and to penalise Australians in India who come home with either a fine of $66,000 or with a jail term of up to 5 years. The Government has announced they will lift this ban for Australian citizens on May 15, (due to the strong advocacy and lobbying by the Asian/Indian Australian community), but we know that it is wrong regardless.

The point of this post is that this cartoon is offensive at all levels. For Hindus in Australia, this is a slap in the face as “Ganesha” is a God and to have a cartoon which belittles its significance, shows how culturally insensitive and sensationalist the Daily Telegraph are. It also shows the racist nature of Australia mainstream and how there is no understanding or want to understand about different religion and cultures which is not “western”.

I will leave this here for you to make your own decision. There is also a change.org petition on this too if you would like to sign it!

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