Queensland Barbershop Owner Uses The Term “China Virus” On A Sign And Laughs It Off As A Joke

Chris Manning is a barber who operates a business on the Gold Coast in Queensland. He recently posted a sign on his shop front saying:

“Thanks to the China virus, Operating hours will remain, 7:30-2 Monday – Friday, 7:15 – 12 – Saturday”

Pretty much he is blaming the reduction of business hours to the pandemic, which is not wrong, but using the term “China virus” perpetuates hate and racism and is inaccurate. Manning defends his usage of the term “China virus” by saying he doesn’t like to be PC and he is not a racist and is using it as a joke. He talks to the Daily Mail Australia:

‘People are ringing up and thanking me for doing it.

‘I’m not a racist, the shops around me are Asian and I get along well with everyone.’  

Mr Manning said he made the poster in response to reports US President Joe Biden would not refer to coronavirus as the ‘China virus’, unlike his predecessor Donald Trump. “

I was also personally interviewed by the Daily Mail on whether using this term is racist and if so why is it racist. This is what I told them:

‘When this term is used, there is racial backlash against Asian-Australians who are perceived to have a Chinese background,’

‘Many non-Asians in Australia can’t tell the difference between the different and vast diversity of Asian cultures – to them everyone who looks Asian must be Chinese and therefore responsible for the pandemic.’ 

‘Using terms which incite racism and hatred is not about hindering free speech or being PC, it is about knowing the limitations and not inciting hate,’

‘Mr Manning likely has never and will not experience racism, so it is easy for him to make excuses for his ignorance.’

It is startling that many Australians still feel using terms like the “China virus” is acceptable and it is usually those who do not experience racism who are more than happy to use the slur. Let us know what you think!

Images via Daily Mail Australia

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