Pregnant Asian Australian Couple Gets Racially Attacked In A Perth Radiology Clinic

Asian Australian Jay Shin posted about the racism he and his pregnant wife experienced on Tik Tok. His wife filmed the attack when it happened at a Perth radiology clinic as they were waiting to have scans of their baby done. When you watch the video, you can see that the attack was unprovoked and the white couple who was being racist (particularly the white Australian woman) just all of a sudden went on a tirade. You can hear them yell to Shin and his wife :

“Go back to your own country”…

7 News reported on this and interviewed Shin about the incident:

“It started with my partner and I minding my own business when this woman sat down and just said ‘translator my a**e’.

“And we glanced at each other but didn’t think much of it.

“But then she just launched into a rampage, calling us gooks, nips, Chinese. Basically telling us to go back to our country.”

The racist white lady can be heard telling shin “not to yell at her”, but I guess it is okay for her to go all racist as hell and yell out racial slurs towards Shin and his wife. Shin continues to confront the racism, till a staffer of the clinic comes to the waiting room and tells the racist white couple to move to the front, but the racism didn’t stop there when the racist woman murmurs as she is moved :

“Piss off to China”…

These type of racist attacks in Australia are no longer surprising and it will only continue to happen till we take a strong stance against it.

Image via Hopclear

To read the original article, please click on: Pregnant WA couple films barrage of racial abuse at radiology clinic waiting room

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