Australian In The US Goes Racist Towards An Asian American Actress

When we talk about Australians being racist, we generally refer to them/it doing so in a domestic context, so this situation is even more messed up. Asian American actress Gwendoline Yeo posted on her Facebook fan page about a racist incident she experienced whilst dining in a restaurant 2 days ago, by an Australian. Pretty much the racist POS told Yeo:

“Hey Asian, go back to Asia with your COVID.”

Yeo replied back and said:

“I don’t care if you’re drinking, that was unacceptable.”

The racist Australian woman rolled her eyes and laughed.

How ironic that this Australian woman is not even American and is a foreigner and tells an American to go back to Asia. It shows that ignorant and racist Australian peeps, feel superior no matter where they go. It is absolutely disgusting. With the toxic and hateful societies we are living in at the moment, these type of incidents just show that the problems are only getting worse rather than better.

Good on Yeo for calling it all out.

Image via Gwendoline Yeo Facebook page

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