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More Anti Asian Racism In Australia – This Time On A Sydney Train

It always saddens me when I have to read and write about more anti-Asian racism and really racism period. This time it happened on a Sydney train ( no surprises there) and the racism is perpetrated against an Asian women ( again no surprises there) last weekend. Interestingly enough, the racist person ( amateur rapper “Fleks City” aka Torian Agnew) filmed himself “loud and proud” being an effing racist. One wonders why and how he thought this was some smart idea. Regardless, it is good that he was stupid enough to film himself so there is evidence of his racist behaviour.

He basically referred to the Asian woman as a “peasant” and then proudly unleashed his shit ass racist speak. Here is what he said (via Nextshark):

“How bout you f**k off to China. You f**king peasant,” he said. “You invaded our country.”

“At the end of the day you’re an Asian peasant. You come to my f**king country. I run amok, aye,”

The woman, defending herself bravely replied back:

“I’m not from China. I come to your country. I contribute to your country.”

In my opinion, she has nothing to validate, whether she is on a visa, an new immigrant or a citizen, she has nothing to prove. Its infuriating to me that as Asians we are always seen as the perpetual foreigner and this type of racist behaviour is being normalised by both Australian media and the Australian Government. If you watch the YouTube video ( which Fleks or whatever his name is took and he has since personally removed), you can see the male friend of the woman holding her back, and Fleks calling him a “pussy” etc. He then talks about himself calling himself “ussy” or some stupid shit like that. There is more dialogue if you keep watching, but I literally felt brain rot and pure anger when I watched it. He ended his video getting off at Tempe (Sydney’s inner West).

Days after he posted the vide, Fleks posted some type of “sorry not sorry” on his Facebook, and said he “didn’t remember what happened”. Nextshark states that ( the “sorry not sorry” video has since been removed) Fleks claimed he was taking some pills, alcohol, people stole hos phone and filmed the situation and that he got arrested and was locked up for a few days.

To me, it is too little too late. From watching the video he looks pretty lucid and aware of what he was saying and there is no apology to the victim or a public statement to address his racist behaviour. All he did was blame it on his pills and alcohol which is a cheap excuse if you ask me. Anyways, it is not surprising anymore to see videos of this nature where Asians/Asian Australians are being racially discriminated in public areas.

The COVID-19 Racism Incident Report Survey created by the Asian Australian Alliance and Osmond Chiu has recorded over 510 reports of COVID-19 related racism in Australia, so we just need to expect more of this type of racism to happen, unless the Australian Government adequately addresses the issue.

Images via NextShark

To read the original article, please click on: Australian Man Films Himself Racially Abusing Asian Woman on Sydney Train

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