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Asian Australian Is Now The Managing Editor For Screenhub

Edmond Tran joins Screenhub as its new managing editor after 12 years working at GameSpot, the global games and entertainment publication recently acquired by American marketing firm Red Ventures. Tran was gameSpot’s head of video content. Before that he was a video producer at CNET Networks and CBS Interactive, so he comes with a wealth of experience.

Here is what Tran said about his new role (via Screenhub):

I’m very pleased to be able to focus my energy on championing our local film, television, and videogame industries,’

‘There is so much excellent stuff happening in the world of screen media and Australians are a significant part of that.’

‘I look forward to shining a spotlight on a diverse range of people and projects, and hopefully helping more folks realise the full breadth of experiences and opportunities these wonderful mediums can offer.’

Good luck to Tran in his new role!

Image via Screenhub

To read the original article, please click on: Screenhub appoints Edmond Tran as Managing Editor

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