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David Hua Appointed As SBS’s Director Of Audio And Language Content

I met David Hua over 5 years ago, when he was working at the ABC and was working in the area where ABC broadcasted overseas ( if I remember correctly, it was ABC – “Australia”). His discussion with me was about the broadcasting in China, and how he wanted to ensure that the content was right and culturally appropriate. That was really awesome for my ears to hear and he had a lot of passion and conviction for his job. Years later, I had met with Hua a number of times for coffee, at events and he had moderated an event for the Asian Australian Alliance in 2016.

So I guess it would come as no surprise to see Hua rise in the ranks and represent all of us Asians/Asian Australians adequately and proud by being appointed as SBS’s Director of Audio and Language Content. This is a major role and one which definitely needs the diversity. Born in Vietnam, Hua and his family came to Australia as refugees via Hong Kong. With his father being ethnically Chinese, Hua is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese ( this is extremely impressive). Here are some things Hua said to the Sydney Morning Herald when his appointment was made public:

“We want to help the general population understand the relationship between Australia and China,”

“We want to create a better understanding of Chinese ways of thinking; of Chinese cultures and languages and humour. When I say that I want to increase Australia’s Chinese literacy, it’s not just about language, it’s about understanding a certain sensibility.”

We definitely look forward to working with Hua and his team in the future! Congratulations!

Images via Sydney Morning Herald

To read the original article, please click on: From refugee to media boss: David Hua takes charge at SBS Radio

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