Exploited International Student Gets Punched And Kicked In Stomach All Because She Asked For Her Salary

A video has been circulating around social media and over the news of a female Chinese international student getting punched in the face and kicked in the stomach at her place of employment by her manager’s friend after she enquires about her unpaid salary. This all took place at the “Fun Tea” shop in Adelaide’s Chinatown. If you listen to the dialogue, the manager of Fun Tea is refusing to pay the student for trial shifts she did, when the manager’s friend ( 7 News has identified him as local businessman Gavin Guo), punched the female student in the face and then kicked her in the stomach and sent her flying to the ground. The females friend steps in and gets punched and falls into the table.

At the time 7 News made the report, Guo has been reported as having left the scene before cops arrived and he was not present at his home in Glen Osmond. ABC News reported just 2 hours ago, that a 39 year old man has been arrested over the assault – I am pretty sure it is safe to assume that it is Gavin Guo. Let’s hope he gets jail time and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Beating up innocent people is not on, and Guo’s violent streak goes to his conduct of being a violent person.

What is most saddening is that the exploitation of international students is very common in Australia and it is usually those from the same cultural group/community doing the exploitation. Within the Asian Australian community this is a serious situation where fellow Asians are bullying and exploiting Asian international students. Of course, I don’t make this statement lightly, nor is this a reflection of all Asian Australian businesses who are law abiding, but it is places like this “Fun Tea” store and other companies who have been found guilty of exploiting Asian international students which give the rest of us Asian Australians a bad name.

As for this Gavin Guo guy? Well, send his ass to jail please – beating up vulnerable students who are just asking for their pay is not being aggressive. Also, let’s not forget that manager in the video who was bullying the students and refusing to to pay her – he needs to be shut down and prosecuted for breaching workplace laws.

If anyone knows the students in the video, please let us know, so we can contact them to see what supports they may require.


  1. As sad as this is, and i truely feel sorry for the poor girl, this isnt new.
    Thousands of international students are scammed into similar situations by employers all over the country.
    Ever seen a poor paying job advertised demanding you have your own abn, yeah guess what, same type of buisnessman as that scumbag.
    (Only openly advertising)
    The problem is, theres no advocate for the international students to stand up and fight against this kind of machismo idiotic pure exploitative behaviour.
    Where I live in Qld theres well know food markets owned by The city council that 90% of the workforce consists of internationals. All underpaid and all paid cash in hand by scumbag bosses who know they can underpay the employees because they arent reporting any employees to the goverment. When covid first started they laid off hundreds of people with no safety net because they were never employed.
    You cant tell me this wasnt well known information! I mean look at ubers buisness model as well.
    People at the top are breaking the law or turning a blind eye and nothing will get done because the rest of australia relys upon the explotative labour.
    If you ask me, a buisness that has to ripoff its essential workers due to lack of income doesnt deserve to continue to operate.

  2. The guy who struck her , she should file charges and sue him. It was a hard slug across the fist where he had to check his stance. Fate has a way to rear its ugly head. The Animal kingdom has more respect than most humans

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