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Media Site “Asian Boss” Is Urging Supporters To Help Save It From Closing

If you follow Asian media sites and videos, then you would have come across “Asian Boss”. I have personally followed the guys from “Asian Boss” for a number of years because they do good and honest journalism about what is happening in Asia. The founders for “Asian Boss” – CEO Stephen Park and Co-Founder Kei Ibaraki uprooted their successful and high flying professional careers in Oz, moved to South Korea and started their labour of love project 7 years ago.

Their videos and interviews over the years have touched on many social and human rights issues, but also talk about the achievements and great things about Asia – and this is why they need to be saved and why we here at “Being Asian Australian” are supporting their Go Fund Me fundraiser campaign. Due to the pandemic their media business has been hit hard and without funds, they will need to close within months. The campaign started on January 22nd and has so far collected over $739,763 (USD). Their goal is $700,000 (USD) which is around $500,000 (AUD) – but they need more as running a business is not cheap and with the pandemic it is even more expensive. Here is a snippet on their campaign:

“We truly believe that if we can survive this, we will go on to become one of the biggest news media brands in the world that is focused on making positive change. How do I know? Because with our limited resources and pure hustle, we raised over US$700,000 to date through our videos to help people in need:”

“*We helped a school teacher in an Indian slum build and maintain an elementary school so that she can provide free education to children.

*We raised money for a Korean grandma making less than $2 per day and gave her a free home makeover when she was freezing to death in Korean winter.

*When a 15-year-old single mom from the Philippines wanted to go back to school after her infant baby died, we paid for her entire high school tuition fees.

*We helped a pastor who saved more than 1,500 abandoned babies sustain his operation.

*We gave money and new homes to struggling single mothers and fathers of Korea.”

You can click here to donate or share their “Go Fund Me” campaign.

Image via Asian Boss

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