When You Next Watch “Insight”, Kumi Taguchi Will Be The Host

One of my favourite news/social commentary news programs is “Insight”, as it always seeks opinions from both panelists and from the audience as it is extremely interactive. And what is amazing about it now is that Asian Australian journalist Kumi Taguchi will be replacing Jenny Brockie as the flagship program’s host for its 2021 season. Brockie leaves the program after being its host for 20 years.

Taguchi is no amateur, and has been in the news and TV business in both Australia and Hong Kong for over 20 years. With her humble beginnings as a violinist and working at a dry cleaners, Taguchi made her career at the ABC on documentary series “Compass” and as a reporter for the ABC News channel.

Taguchi tells SBS News in November how excited and elated she is to be joining the “Insight” program and talks about the connection she has to SBS:

“I am beyond excited to be joining SBS for my next adventure. To be entrusted with a high-profile program such as Insight, with such a strong legacy of authentic storytelling, is an absolute honour. Opportunities like this come around once in a career, if you’re lucky,”

“One of the strongest memories of my late father is sitting with him at his small kitchen table in Melbourne, watching the Japanese news on SBS. He would switch it on at the same time every day and I’m sure it made him feel connected to his homeland. We would sip tea and eat rice crackers and I would be reminded, too, of my heritage.” 

SBS “Insight” will be back to its scheduled programming in 2021, so keep an eye out for it.

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