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Vietnamese Australians Cast In Netflix Live-Action Adaptation Of Anime “Cowboy Bebop”

Vietnamese Australians Ann Truong (Strike Back, Romper Stomper, Hard Target 2) and Hoa Xuande (Hungry Ghosts, Ronny Chieng: International Student) have been cast in Netflix live-action remake of Anime TV series “Cowboy Bebop”. They join already announced John Cho who plays one of the leads (Luke Spiegel) who has also shared photos of himself a few months back with the “anime” hairstyle.

Truong and Xuande plays “Shin” and “Lin” who have been described as (via Deadline Hollywood):

“Dressed to kill (because they do), Shin and Lin serve as Vicious’ twin Syndicate henchman. Despite being fearful of their volatile boss, they are fiercely loyal to Vicious in his quest (for reasons we have yet to understand) to take down Spike Spiegel.”

For those of us who grew up loving Anime, we would not have missed Cowboy Bebop, so this promises to be an awesome live-action adaptation indeed. I am sure there are more details to come on this!~

Images via IMDB and YouTube

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