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15 Asian Australians Will Be Devising And Developing New Performance Ideas

The Contemporary Asian Australian Performance Artist (CAAP) Lab have gathered 15 Asian Australian participants for a 5 week period from October -November 2020, to experiment and come up with new ideas for future performances. CAAP Artist Lab recently posted this awesome announcement on their Facebook page with the names of the 15 awesome creative Asian Australian minds:

Lena Cruz, Happy Feraren, Ryuichi Fujimura, Aileen Huynh, Justice Jones Massaad, Andrew (undi) Lee, Melissa Lee Speyer, Michelle Lim Davidson, Nicole Pingon, Jennifer Rani, Monica Sayers, Khym Scott, Jordan Shea, Michael Toisuta, and Jennifer Wong. This project is a collaboration between CAAP, Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir St Theatre, Griffin Theatre Company and the Australian Institute of Arts and Culture at Western Sydney University.

This is pretty awesome, as it hopefully will be more authentic stories being told on stage by Asian Australians. This is work we as a community should all support.

Header image via CAAP Facebook page

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