Asian Australians- Tell The The Boss Of Netflix (Aus) Your Show/Programming Ideas

We always talk about more authentic and better representation of Asians – and indeed this is extremely important issue, but for us to see more representation and authenticity in story telling we must put our work, our ideas and our stories out there! Well, now here is your chance.

Netflix Australia local original content boss – Que Minh Luu is asking for your stories. Luu, a former ABC executive tells the Sydney Morning Herald that her inbox is empty and she needs all your idea pitches:

“It’s not so much about the genre, we want people to tell us what they’re absolutely dying to say in a show that they’ve not been able to say anywhere else. We’re a creator-led company.”

“My inbox is dead,” 

 “I’m meeting as many people and trying to hear as many ideas as I can. Whether it’s drama, comedy, unscripted, reality [or other genres], I am genuinely looking at all of it.”

If you have a great idea – pitch it – you can contact Netflix Australia by clicking here.

Image via Sydney Morning Herald

To read the original article, please click on: ‘You tell me’: Australian Netflix boss wants your programming ideas

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