Filipino Australian Family Receives Hate Mail And Gets Blamed For COVID-19

Another day, and another incident of racism against Asian Australians coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time its hate mail getting delivered to a Filipino Australian family in Port Macquarie in regional New South Wales.

Cat Dolendo is a nurse working and living with her family in this coastal area, and was shocked when the note was delivered to her house. The note was typed and said:

“Fuck off back to the country you came from and take your fucking disease with you UnAustralian cunts”.

Dolendo and her family have lived in Port Macquarie for 20 odd years, so this letter really came as a surprise. She told the Daily Mail that she felt stunned and horrified receiving the message:

‘[They] have had to deal with constant abuse like this for long enough,’ she said of her husband’s family. ‘We don’t know what to do.’

The letter was posted on social media and has literally gone viral. It is definitely disgusting that these things keep happening. Also, Dolendo is a nurse so she is at the front lines and working hard to prevent this pandemic. Seriously, this shit needs to stop.

Images via Daily Mail


  1. You should do an article on the sun yang drug cheat and Makc Horton saga.

    Oh wait no, you just like combing through the internet for asian sob stories to promote your “racist Australia theories”

  2. You should do an article how China are threatening backlash if we push an investigation into the origin of the corona virus… now why would they do that…. hmmm something to hide

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