Woman Gets Physical And Goes On A Racist Tirade, Assaulting Another Woman Of Asian Appearance In Melbourne

Yet again, Australia shows its racist face – this time in Melbourne at the Queen Victoria Markets. A video circulating around social media shows a white Anglo woman physically and racially attacking another woman who is of Asian appearance. This incident happened sometime on April 15.

It looks like the racist attacker had a friend with her and they both went at a pair of Asian women who were minding their own business. After yelling a number of racist and obscene statements, including “you fucking immigrant” (which was yelled out a number of times), one of the white women dragged and started to hit and punch one of the Asian women.

If it wasn’t for a bystander who stepped in and stopped the attack, this situation would of taken a turn for the worst. Apparently, this video was first circulated on Korean social media chat app Kakaotalk, and there has been no word from Victorian Police as to what if any investigation is happening.

What is most concerning is that these racial attacks against Asians and Asian Australians are becoming more frequent, and they have no become more than just the casual racial slur – they are getting violent. The racism coming out of COVID-19 is just a symptom of pent up hate and racism which has become a common part of Australian society. People are now emboldened to act out their hate due to how Government ministers and tabloid media have given the green light to do so.

This incident is one of many violent and racist incidents which have and will continue to happen. Just recently, the Brisbane Times reported that a 26 year old woman of Asian appearance was accused of having coronavirus and then punched in the face by a teenager. That teenager has been charged by the police. All these incidents in a space of a week or so.

How will this stop? Well it won’t stop, but what we can do as Asians and as Asian Australians is to continually speak up against this hate and racism – and the good thing is some of this has already started. Our voices will be what will enact change within institutions and regardless of setbacks we need to continue to rally our country leaders and the media to start talking our talk. It is also about getting our Asian/Asian Australians more into these positions of power and influence – this is the way which we can reduce incidents and racism.

If you haven’t, please complete our COVID-19 Coronavirus Racism Incident Report if you have faced and experienced any racism and/or share it with your networks!

Images via Daily Mail


  1. she and her friend should have been battered…
    dont they know cocasions ..were sent there ..avoiding exacution in britten ..?
    1800s..murderous raping carbage criminals
    ps..use it or dont use info??

    1. Oh classic Asians having a little cry “racist Australia” you cunts are the most racist people in the world, yes this was a racist attack, but don’t make out like Australians/Australia is the only racist place/people fucking idiots.

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