Racist Dude Goes On A Tirade Whilst Cracking A Whip Outside The Chinese Consulate In Sydney

Racist dude was videoed outside of the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney on April 1st, yelling out racist shit and cracking a whip in an attempt to threaten those waiting to get into the consulate. Her can be heard saying:

‘Death to communism! Wake up Australia! Wake up! No more s**t from China,’ 

‘I’ll put a bullet in the General Secretary’s head. I’m going to kill that leader of China.

Filthy f**ing commies. Trying to take over the world. No more.’

Whats worse, he then goes and blames people waiting to get into the Consulate for spreading coronavirus – blame that we as Asians are all familiar with of late.

‘We know it’s deliberate. Five million people left your country and spread that filthy f***king disease worldwide,’ 

‘I’m onto you. I know you deliberately released this virus.”

Wake up Australia! Be wise to these pr**ks.’ 

As Asian Australians, we are all witnessing these incidents on the media and on our social media, and it makes us feel as though we no longer belong in Australia. The racism coming out of the virus is going beyond the joke and has become so extreme that many of us are now scared and fearful to leave our houses for a walk, go to the shops or go to work. The only way things like this will stop is if we unite and stand against this racism.

Remember, if you have experienced any racism or know of anyone else who has, please report it to our COVID-19 Racism Incident Report.


  1. You idiot – it is not racist to condemn the fucking CCP. Every time they cant get their own way they scream, its racist. Always throwing their toys out the pram, like spoiled whinging children. All the while they are actually the most bigoted racist cunts on the planet. and what are you, a tencent??? CCP spy. Australia should identify you and deport you right away. You better not have residency, don’t you know what an oath of allegiance is?? If you are not prepared to fight for, defend and protect Australia from all enemies, then you do not deserve to be there!!

  2. If they stop eating fucking bat soup, cat soup & rat soup in the North then we wouldn’t be in this fucked up shit-mess right now. In hindsight we should have shut the borders down on them immediately and not worried about their bleating on about how its racist if their students cant get to the rest of world. If this is an own goal by China then shouldn’t the rest of the world be demanding damages and hold them accountable for the cost of this mess!??? China will become a strong independent and accepted country only once it has rid itself of the CCP. If you are Chinese do not be fooled by the ethno nationalist rants of the CCP that you are not loyal to your race if you don’t support them. You can be a proud Chinese person and still reject the evil actions and deceit of the CCP. Add oil, add oil…. Btw if you are Chinese and you have settled in Canada , the USA or Australia and taken the oath to defend that country then that becomes your obligation, it’s not to China. If you do not, then you have no honour and cant complain when they deport you for being a subversive foreign agent. If you want to be treated with respect by western people then do actions that earn that respect!!

  3. People in Australia are very very angry, don’t you get that???. Australian Chinese people are one with the Australian people and they too hate the CCP. CCP called them paper cat & threatened them with missiles in 2016. You constantly brag about taking the country over and you think what, there will be no reaction?? CCP conceals this virus and sends it out to the world. You think people are going to be happy about that. fucking wake up you stupid cunts!!!This site shows one eyed view of CCP which has been provoking for many years now. You don’t show their bad behaviour because you are a fucking agent of theirs. They are not stupid, 80k Aussies have learnt mandarin recently. they hear & they know about the shit you say about them. They engaged CCP in business 20 years ago in good faith and so we Chinese called them stupid country because we lie, cheat & double cross them. Really, how long do you think they will put up with that?? Fucking foreign agents stripped all of their PPE off the shelves, their people are dying, what the fuck do you think they will do. You need to understand something, while you arrogantly think they are stupid you should understand they may be too trusting to start with but if you piss them off you will regret it. Just ask the Japanese in WW2 PNG, not one prisoner taken!!!! You work it out..

  4. Such racist atrocities against peaceful people. Racist behaviour and the use of weapons to intimidate needs to be condemned. Maybe the racist needed weapons to feel powerful, maybe they feel threatened from peaceful people.

  5. To David and Daniel F Priest: neck yourselves, you racist dog cunts. We should be turfing backwater scum like you out of this country.

    1. can’t even read what your name is ya muppet, it’s in gook, try using a language we know in Aus maybe English ya twat, now fuck off and cook me some rice !!! Backwater scum!! see in AUS it’s either cunt or shit cunt, end of story

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