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Melbourne’s “Peter Doherty Institute” Receives A $2.15M Donation From Jack Ma To Develop A COVID-19 Vaccine

Gazillionaire and e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma donated $2.15 million via the Jack Ma Foundation to the “Peter Doherty Institue for Infection and Immunity” to further the research in developing a vaccine for COVID-19/Coronavirus. The “Peter Doherty Institute” is a joint venture between the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Australia is one of the countries leading the way in the research and development of treatment options for COVID-19, with results looking positive, though a treatment/vaccine is still months or years away with testing still going on.

Now Ma, may be a tycoon (now retired) and owner of the Alibaba empire (among other companies and media outlets), but it is his generosity and concern about this pandemic which made him act. In addition, he has donated millions when the COVID-19 hot China, and has donated medical supplies, masks etc to medical centres in the US and other parts of the world. And yes, where he may be from China, and has no real ties to Australia in terms of education, work, etc, Ma does have a close connection to Australia because it is where he turned from being a “poor young man” to the e-commerce tycoon the world knows of today.

In 2018, SBS News wrote a piece about Ma’s connection to Australia and how it was a month long visit back in 1985, which gave him the impetus and inspiration to make Alibaba what it is today. In 1980, the late Ken Morley (Australian electrical engineer) went to China for a visit and met a youthful Ma, and that is where their friendship started with Ma visiting Australia in 1985 to spend time with Morley in Newcastle. Ma says:

“I am very thankful for Australia and the time I spent there in my youth,” Ma said during his visit.

“The culture, the landscape and most importantly its people had a profound positive impact on my view of the world at that time.”

In February 2017, Ma returned to Australia to give the University of Newcastle $US20 million as a tribute to his late Australian friend.

Considering, the virus has spread fast all over the world, it is a needed donation, and we should thank Ma for his generous contribution.

Images via SBS News


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