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“BEING ASIAN AUSTRALIAN” Is Looking For Guest Contributors, Will That Be You?

It has almost been a year since BEING ASIAN AUSTRALIAN published its first post, and since then the site has grown significantly, in our content, our audience, our clicks, views and engagement on the site and all over social media.

The primary purpose of the website is to share EVERY and ALL news related to BEING ASIAN AUSTRALIAN, and as it is currently a 1 woman show with Erin Chew at the helm, it is time to grow it even further and seek Guest Contributors.

So what does being a “Guest Contributor” mean?

It essentially means if you have an awesome story, a pitch or are planning to interview someone related to BEING ASIAN AUSTRALIAN (really any related topic), then this opportunity may be for you!

We also plan to send “Guest Contributors” who are keen to interview relevant Asian Australian celebrities and other industry personalities, attend and write about relevant events, review up and coming Asian Australian cuisine and tackle interesting issues of interest to BEING ASIAN AUSTRALIAN etc.

For now, we are unable to pay a fee, but we are striving towards paying contributors as soon as we can ( working on funding arrangement). But we hope this is a great start for those who want to write authentic stories which target issues impacting on ALL Asian Australians.

The benefits of being a “Guest Contributor” would be:

  • Mentoring and support for your writing and potentially other related projects/works;
  • Access to certain interview requests and events otherwise not easily accessed;
  • Opportunities for networking in Australia and overseas;
  • Have an opportunity to try new topics or venture into topics not readily explored;

If you are curious on the style of writing, please check out the other pieces on the site. If you are interested, please message us on our Facebook page “BEING ASIAN AUSTRALIAN”, contact us via the website on the “CONTACT US” page or email us on .

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