Indian Australian Twins Scores Leading Roles On ABC Upcoming TV Series

Some awesome news coming out of ABC (Australia). Asian Australian identical twins Ved and Vrund Rao are playing lead roles in ABC new TV series “THE UNLISTED”. It is a kids drama about 12-year-old twins as they work with a group of underground vigilante kids to stop powerful governments from imposing global control over the world’s youth.

Definitely sounds like an interesting drama and for young Asian/Indian Australian kids, this is something where they can watch and finally say they can see themselves on Australian TV, unlike us oldies who grew up with Australian TV never seeing ourselves unless we were the butt of the joke.

The Rao twins were interviewed by SBS Gujarati about their acting debut, and here are some excerpts of what the twins stated:

“It’ a science fiction story based on today’s society,” 

“The 12-year-old identical twins discover that the world’s wealthiest individuals have created a secret society that plans to impose global control over the world’s youth”.

The twins hail from Blacktown in Western Sydney – where I Erin as the editor of this site grew up in, so that to me is pretty damn awesome! The boys being in their upcoming senior years of high school, follow a strict schedule of studying on the weekends with a home tutor provided by the show.

South Asian Australian screenwriter Natesha Somasundaram (who we will be interviewing soon), wrote the script for episode 10 of this series ( so yes, please watch the show Asian Aussies!).

The first episode has already aired in Australia on ABC on the 15 September, so catch up by checking up on iView if you haven’t seen it and then start to follow it – I definitely will!

Images via SBS Gujarati

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