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Asian Australian Urban Planner HY WILLIAM CHAN Listed In “Forbes 30 Under 30”

We love writing about successes of Asian Australians in different fields, and this is definitely one of them. HY WILLIAM CHAN is a Sydney urban planner working for Cox Architects and is the only architecture practitioner to be listed in the 2019 “Forbes 30 Under 30” and “GreenBiz 30 Under 30 List” – what an acheivement!

Chan not only works but also does cross cultural and transnational work – at the moment he is working with UNICEF using plastic waste for 3D printing, providing STEM education in refugee camps and contributing to architectural research and advocacy on the international stage as a Cities Fellow for the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

In addition to the achievements and accolades already mentioned, Chan is also a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum and recently headlined a session at TEDx Sydney which was sold out. So yes, he is a busy young innovator and influencer for sure!

To end, here is a quote he mentioned to media outlet The Fifth State:

“I believe that it is a no-brainer for architects to be involved in city making. It is in our cities that the most pressing global sustainability challenges of our time, particularly the climate emergency, can be addressed.”

We will look to interview this awesome young Asian Australian so more to come on this!

Images via The Fifth State

To read the original article, please click on: Young Australian urbanist garners international recognition

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