Asian Australian CHARLOTTE NICDAO In An ABC Commissioned Series Made Fully On A Mobile Phone

We have written stuff about Asian Australian actress CHARLOTTE NICDAO, which includes a film project she has completed for Apple, and now here is another one. The Filipino Australian actress has recently completed filming an ABC (Aus) world first series made fully on a mobile (cell) phone.

Image via Guardian Australia

Now the interesting part of this is, despite the fact that it is an ABC series, it won’t be on the TV at all – because you will find the show called “VERTICAL” on streaming platforms – YouTube, iView, Instagram and Facebook on Sepptember 4 – so pen that in your diary to check out!

It will be a 7 part narrative series and is something interesting and new ABC is trying out.

Image via Guardian Australia

Here is more from Guardian Australia on it:

The show is a comedy about a narcissistic millennial determined to become an online influencer, no matter what it takes – from keeping the camera rolling during a literal car crash (prescient, it turns out), to performing her first “mukbang”.

The high concept is that it unfolds in real time, entirely from the perspective of the protagonist’s smartphone.

We not only see the social media posts, video calls and various online exploits of young Brisbane woman Lucy (Charlotte Nicdao), but also every action she performs on her smartphone, including backspaces and things she deletes. This enables the film-makers to put an interesting spin on the old “show don’t tell” dictum, providing a digital window into Lucy’s mind.

Pen September 4, oh I mean type September 4 in your phones so you don’t forget to check this out!

Images via Rapid News and Guardian Australia

To read the original article, please click on: Content: ABC’s world-first series made for mobile – from the creators of Bluey


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